Fantasy Golf:




When your national rank is greater than the money you’ve made, you stink.

I stink.

Last roll of the dice.



I’ll take the guy on the left…

2016 Earnings


2016 Rank: 16,068

*(if they counted my team from QLN it would be an additional $265,433 to my total)

NOTE: Groups are listed arbitrarily by OWGR by the Golf Channel for those of you new to the game.

Last Week’s Explanation:

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When your national ranking is greater than your total cash earned = the definition of awful.

Some of my best picks this year have come from group No. 4 and this week was no different.

There’s NOTHING better than watching Rory McIlroy destroy a course one week and then completely make nothing the following week. I’d mention that he was the course’s defending champion that shot 20-under to win it in 2012 but that and $.59 will get you a large coffee at any central Indiana Bigfoot location. Rubbish.

It never hurts to get it completely wrong so I’ll add that as well as in Group 2 I suggested I was struggling between Scott and Fowler. You don’t have to be Poirot to figure out who I ended up selecting. I went on in the paragraph to defend why Scott was the better, safer pick. I went boom/bust. I busted out. Again.

I’m not moaning with T-13 from Reed in his first rodeo at Crooked Stick in Group 2 and I struck out completely in Group 3.

I suggested Ryan Palmer in Group 4 if Jason Kokrak didn’t float your boat. Kokrak finished a noble T-17 but it was Palmer’s T-5 that was the best. Even when I “win” I still lose. If I could light the internet on fire, I would start with my results from this game in 2016.

This Week: The TOUR Championship

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Group 1: Of the four fellas in this group, I’m going with the best putter who doesn’t have a back problem. Those other two hockey players can get LAWST this week.

Group 2: By far the most difficult group to handicap so I went with the bloke who’s playing the most consistently. And I’m mad at Reed for last week. REMEMBER, DON’T GAME ANGRY UNLESS IT’S NECESSARY. When par is a good score, I turn to Scott as his ball-striking is worth it. The Boom-Bust business starts and ends with Walker.

Group 3: Riding the blind wave of RYDER CUP MANIA here because it’s BORING AF to take Kuchar or Matsuyama and watch them get T-14.

Group 4: It came down to Berger, Woodland or Moore and I went with the course record co-holder. Everyone knows you should take Berger here but I’ve proven for 44 weeks that I’m not smart enough.

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