RBC Heritage DFS


Another week on a classic course, another week where experience should help pay your rent.

Or have you shake out the couch cushions to cover it.

Good luck!

Or as I say, sleep FAST…

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RBC Heritage Yahoo! Game Featuring Ned Brown


Not an easy fantasy week as some would like to believe.

Good luck sorting out Groups B and C!

Remember, it’s scoring only so is there any room for this guy?

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RBC Heritage PGA Tour Game


We’re back to the total scoring system this week so remember to balance out the lineups.

Harbour Town Golf Links took a beating last September when Hurricane Matthew smashed up the joint.

Multiple trees were knocked over and destroyed. Some were replaced and replanted but other than that, the course is in perfect working order. The “holes” might even let a bit of sun and wind into places where they hadn’t reached in the past.

It’s still a tight fit with tiny greens and that’s not changing!

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