2017 Fantasy Preview


Happy Merry!

Merry Happy!

For the lazy gamer in your life you can simply copy and paste this link into their email, Twitter, Facebook or whatever and they’ll be ready for fantasy season.

Or you can hoard them all to yourself.

Here’s the schedule again for this season:

Monday: Recap from the previous week highlighting the good, bad and everything¬†in between for Golfweek.com. I’ll also have more in-depth musings about the week prior right here later in the afternoon as well.

Tuesday: My Golfweek.com tournament preview will post after lunch time (ET). Later in the afternoon I’ll also post here with a few extra players who demand attention or I feel who will be overlooked. Consider it a bonus for those of you doing your homework!

Wednesday: My Golfweek.com fantasy gaming preview will post after lunch time (ET). Exclusive to my site you’ll also find my GolfChannel.com picks, Yahoo! picks featuring Ned Brown and the all white meat version of my OAD that will be posted throughout the day.

Wednesday night: I’ve been kicking around the idea of a Twitter/Email Q and A starting around 9 pm ET. Stay tuned for more details!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV & V

Part VI

The E-door is always open @MikeGlasscott and mikeglasscott@gmail.com!

Good luck!

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