2017 Fantasy Golf Preview: Part I


Current status:


Running toward 2017 Fantasy Season!

2017 is literally right around the corner and even though the “new season” has already started, many gamers will just be getting organized.

There are multiple leagues that will begin with the TOC the first week in January. Some at Sony the following week. Even more will commence once Masters week begins.

There’s one truism about fantasy golf that I believe in: It never ends or begins.

Sure the points reset and the calendar changes but exemptions, world rankings, weekly qualifiers, top 10 exemptions and everything else are bubbling over each week.

The reason I use this time of year to review and preview is that there is literally no golf being played by any major tours this time of the year. Hence it gives me time to evaluate almost all of the players who are eligible in one way shape or form for 2017.

We begin today with the Web.com Graduates for the new season and will end with the PGA Tour’s Top 125 from last season.

I will evaluate those who have and those who may.

For the new folks, just to let you know, I don’t rank players. I evaluate them. If you can tell me today what’s the clear difference between Day, Spieth, DJ and Rory, I’d love to hear it. If you can separate No. 70 from No. 71, good for you. I don’t care to. I give everyone the same look across the stats and career and assess if they’re a good value or not.

This isn’t a cheat sheet.

This isn’t a list.

It is presented in list form as to make sure I don’t leave anyone off.

Also, history is a wonderful teacher and is used frequently in our craft.

Those who ignore tend to be part of it in their weekly games or season-long leagues.

Please enjoy responsibly and if you have any questions, reach out on Twitter @MikeGlasscott or email mikeglasscott@gmail.com.

Good luck!

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