2017 Fantasy Golf Preview: Part II


Yesterday we took a look at the reshuffle for the Web.com qualifiers. Today, we’ll take a look at those residing outside the top 125 from last year but who will have status in the new season.


Crooked Stick Golf Club, No. 5 from the 2016 BMW Championship

You’ll notice some big names lingering in these parts but there’s a reason they stand where they do. Golf is a meritocracy and rewards those who play well, not by reputation or Twitter/Instagram followers. If you’re not good enough, you’re not playing, unless you’re exempt.

You’ll also find some names in here that you will NOT see in the top 125 preview coming later this week. I believe it is important to see how each player has qualified for the new season rather than throwing out a list in order. This should benefit gamers new and experienced. There’s a reason why everyone in your league is passing on Hunter Mahan and you better know why!

The players in this group all have a story of why or why not. Your job is to assess the risk/reward or omit completely.

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