Fantasy Golf: Gaming Column Barclays


Multiple formats pose multiple questions each week but I have multiple answers to keep you in the loop.

With only four events left, it’s time to put up and move up the boards.

Most gamers have held their horses in hopes of having them storm down the stretch to close the season and seal their victories.

Other gamers like me are looking to make the best out of a terrible season (format dependent) and finish on a high note.


What a difference a week makes as the Tour heads from the easiest par 70 course the last two years running to the hardest non-major set up of the year.

Bethpage Black is long, strong and demanding but it’s a¬†fair test throughout the bag.

If you’ve done your homework, the top players here from 2012, like on most great courses, were a fantastic cross section.

Big boys.

Straight arrows.

Short-game artists.

Young. Old. Prime timers.

A tough track combined with a top field makes for difficult gaming but I’m looking for big-time players who aren’t afraid to overpower this joint. Tight fairways and average-sized greens should favor those who hit the most of them. But, we’ve seen the scramblers and putters also contend so balance won’t hurt either.

Neither will a little luck!

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