Fantasy Golf: JDC


Anyone else notice the irony of me using a picture of Jim Furyk in this space last week? Only shot 58, that lad, but even his T-5 wasn’t the best in his group last week. That would have been champion Russell Knox…

2016 Earnings


2016 Rank: 15,870

*(if they counted my team from QLN it would be an additional $265,433 to my total)

NOTE: Groups are listed arbitrarily by OWGR by the Golf Channel for those of you new to the game.

Last Week’s Explanation:

Check out my picks at the Travelers here

Or don’t. It might be safer. Learn more from failing than from success? I should be a GEENUUS then…


This Week: Travelers Championship

Check out my preview by clicking HERE

JDC GC game



Group 1: Zach Johnson is the obvious play this week. If I didn’t take Watson last week in an effort to catch up, then why would I take ZJ this week? Stricker will get the majority of the “other” votes in this group and deservedly so. If you’re leading, those are your options. If you’re in the HMS Titanic with me, well, here’s your life vest.

Group 2: I leaned PRod > Rahm here as PRod has already had four cracks at it. Jerry Kelly’s course form here combined with his solo second last week should also garner plenty of attention. Scott Brown makes a terrific long shot and that tells you what you need to know about this field.

Group 3: Consistent form pick would be Swafford. Course form would be Wagner. Stefani is dark horse.

Group 4: Making the cut is usually the goal in this group. Find a birdie maker if contending from this group is your angle. Henrik Norlander had a big finish last week at Travelers.


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