Fantasy Golf: U.S. Open Recap


Under further review, Oakmont is really, really hard.

And Dustin Johnson is really, really good.


Fantasy nerds who questioned the club selections, caddy, course management, go-for-broke bravado from majors past were dead-on about DJ.

The new DJ put all of this to rest on Sunday.

Rules violation? Shit, bro, no prob.

One shot penalty or two shot penalty? Whatevs.

One birdie on No. 18? How about one more?

And one more “bird” ¬†after that…

Sure he missed some “easy” birdies but he didn’t make any big number or bogeys down the stretch.

He’s embraced the chaos and rewarded gamers who trusted that THIS TIME would be the time.

His majors record over the last three years is impressive and now that he has the juice to close the deal, look out!

For my thoughts on the rest of the joy and pain, please click below!

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