Fantasy Golf: Gaming Column Colonial


OAD is a tough one this week as many vets aren’t in form plus the prize pool isn’t a “must-have” in relative terms.

Colonial is a classic track that has stood the test of time and doesn’t hand out tartan jackets to the meek.

Leaning on experience and chalk to a degree this week but there are plenty of middle-of-the-road guys who are in form that could merit calculated fliers.

Narrow, dog-legged fairways and small greens will give the players who can work their golf ball an advantage. Super scramblers will also be able to gain shots around the greens by getting up-and-down. Weather looks a bit iffy late tomorrow and Friday so firm and fast doesn’t look to be in the cards but we’ll see!

Look for the BIG BEEFY OAD comedy hour posting shortly as well.

See if you can spot the idiot who wrote it and what the major mistake was.

In the immortal words of Roberto di Vincenzo: What a stupid I am.




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