Happy New Year — 2018

1 January

As I sit here freezing in the Midwest over this long, holiday weekend I decided to knock of the rust and dust and post.


Don’t let those palm trees fool you. This picture is from last year.



For those of you who keep checking here for content, thank you, and I apologize for not keeping up or giving you the reasons behind my absence.

Let’s get caught up, shall we?

I was hired by PGATOUR.COM to write fantasy content in early October. My duties will include The Confidence Factor every Tuesday evening and four, end-of-round fantasy updates called The Emergency 9 that will post after the close of play during each tournament. That’s five pieces of stuff each week at MINIMUM for your fantasy enjoyment. My work debuted at the Shriners in early November.

If you’re wondering where I was during the first eight events of the new season, well, there you go.

Before the new gig at PGATOUR.COM I was fortunate to be added to the IU Radio Network broadcast team for Indiana University Football and Basketball. I also have been broadcasting local high school football and basketball games for my radio station when the games don’t conflict. The preparation and travel plus a wife and two kids has stretched my already thin days. When the Masters arrives I will have been on almost 55 additional broadcasts that weren’t on my radar July 1 so I apologize for the lack of fantasy content.

Moving forward, I’ll ask that you follow along on Twitter and PGATOUR.COM. While I’m not shutting it down here, I’m not promising anything either. The one thing I refuse to do is give you half-assed work. I don’t do that. If I don’t have time to research all 156 guys, I’m not posting some list just to post something. That’s not why you come here. That’s not why you follow.

Once the Masters arrives, my broadcast duties will slow down and I’ll try to get back on here more regularly.

In the mean time, I’ll answer ANY and ALL questions about any format, players, strategy, etc. that you might have via Twitter (@MikeGlasscott) or email (mikeglasscott.com).


Thanks for reading.


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