It’s off to Korea and Jeju Island for a brand-new event.

They’re not messing around here as the payday is hyper-lucrative yet the field is only 78 players.

That should make your decision MUCH easier!

PGA Tour Fantasy Game




Each week, I’ll put my angles, theories and lineups in here for you to peruse, copy, fade or argue.

Don’t forget to join the conversation @MikeGlasscott or send your questions to mikeglasscott@gmail.com.

For all fantasy games I play as @MikeGlasscott or MikeGlasscott so I’m not hiding from anyone! Gamers don’t forget I reserve the right to change any lineup at any time based on changes in weather, tee times, illness or whatever.

You’ll learn a few things about me each week in this column.

Games, like this one, that involve daily substitution options, I am terrible at playing.

I’ll give you my best four starters and two bench options but it’s up to you to outguess me on which rounds they should sit or play.

2015: 332nd

2016: 496th

Last Year: 57th

Last Week — CIMB Classic


  • Tournament Points: 463
  • Tournament Rank: 3,306
  • Season Points: 463
  • Season Rank: 9,517*

Big Picture: *I forgot to submit a lineup week one at Safeway because I’m an idiot.

Last week was scoring only so I didn’t even get that right with five guys in the top 17.


Time to grind.


This Week

It’s hardly a surprise in this game to load up on the chalk weekly but usually starts are an issue.

Not this segment.

The big boys are playing this week and next (WGC-HSBC) and packing it in for their off-season. Or to head to Australia to play in their summer. Or to do anything but go to Vegas, Mayakoba and Sea Island unless they have ties to the area.

Load up.

Sub correctly.

Move up the board.

It’s a new event on a course that not many have played frequently so on a level playing field, load up on the best. They don’t get their ranking and paychecks on reputation and Twitter followers, folks!




Alternate Alternatives

For more information, be sure to take a look at my preview linked here.

If that’s not enough and you demand more, reach out via email mikeglasscott@gmail.com or on the Twitter @MikeGlasscott.

Good luck!



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