This large finishing segment will force creative roster management for these next four events.

Glen Oaks hosts for the first time as the top 125 (really 120) battle for position in the FEC Playoffs.

PGA Tour Fantasy Golf Game

Each week, I’ll trot out guys who I believe who fit the course, the game and the road map, plus add some substitutes. Four starters are supported by two bench players each week. Remember, once a player tees off in your lineup he burns a start, so make sure you need to sub out instead of want to sub out.

You’ll learn a few things about me each week in this column.

Games, like this one, that involve daily substitution options, I am terrible at playing.

I’ll give you my best four starters and two bench options but it’s up to you to outguess me on which rounds they should sit or play.

Last Time — Wyndham Championship


  • Tournament Points: 1,531
  • Tournament Rank: 2,104
  • Season Points: 38,830
  • Season Rank: 49

Well, my plan of forgetting to sub did NOT work in this format as I had Stenson on the bench the first three rounds. I’m glad I caught him before Sunday and put him in.

I’d be heckling Chadders if I had started Stenson ALL WEEK as I would be inside of him (No. 40).

This Week

In a limited use game, I’m forced to use those who are left.

Since this is a brand-new track this week I’m leaning on the class players.

Since class players usually win FEC Playoff events, that angle doesn’t hurt either.


Starters yet to be determined.

Alternate Alternatives

I’d attack now and find options later. Most guys will have spent a few starts on the WGC-BI/PGA so you’re not alone.

With two subs here, you do have some freedom.

Good luck!


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