Valero Texas Open Yahoo! Recap


Since there is no Yahoo! game this week, I’ll take a look back at Valero.

Having this guy in the lineup > not having this guy in the lineup last week:




VTO: 168


Spring Points: 639

Spring Rank: 1,306


Winter Points: 1,768

Winter Rank: 2,587


 Season Points: 2,407

Season Rank: 820


Last Week:

Sadly I confused my Branden with my Brendan in Group A and was on the wrong end of that stick in three of the four days. Shocking, I know, but nothing like counting a 78 on Saturday for 0 points!

Speaking of Saturday and not counting any points, in Group B Adam Hadwin’s 82 was my crowning achievement for the week. I’d complain that I changed my roster but it didn’t save but nobody cares. I also had Chappell scheduled to go on Saturday and Sunday but ended up only with Sunday’s take, thankfully, because that would have been 16 points plus 20 bonus points out the window.

Four rounds of Brooks Koepka in Group C was my only redeeming play of the week as my wing man, Zach Johnson, made that decision easy.

Thank you 30 bonus points to make it a nice week instead of an utter disaster.

Moving up 400 points on the season and 1,300 points on the segment suggests not everyone had that combo.

Bueno, yes, but I’m still 700 spots behind Ned!

See you all next week!

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