Fantasy Golf: QLN


I should have just copied and pasted my team from FESJC where I had DJ in Group 1 and wouldn’t have cared about the rest.

I went with the best ball-striker on the planet and the guy with the most top 10’s on Tour and came home with a black eye, empty wallet and a limp. Fantasy Golf

2016 Earnings: $11,352,737

2016 Rank: 13,506

Groups are listed arbitrarily by OWGR by the Golf Channel for those of you new to the game.


Last Week 

Rank: 25,640 ($46,170)

Click here for last week’s column

Worst week of the season.

Total #FAIL.


Last Week: U.S. Open


Group 1

Not only did McIlroy not play well but he MC in the U.S. Open for the first time in four years. Not only did McIlroy MC for the first time in a major since The Open in 2013, every other start was T-23 or BETTER. So much for playing it “safe” with a guy who’s won four majors and stripes it.

Group 2

Swing and a miss. Premium player that didn’t fire. End of.

Group 3

My only scorer this week in an event that hosted 59 of the top 60 players in the OWGR. Kaymer, you’re TEAM MVP this week. Remember, even bad teams have a leading scorer…

Group 4

Goosen had made 12 cuts in a row entering the week and has won two of these this century. MC duck.


This Week: QLN

Check out my preview by clicking HERE



Group 1: Freshest of the group other than Fowler; Furyk is the clear second choice where Thomas is the grand slam.

Group 2: He’s second in my rankings so I’ll stick with him. This will be the group that causes the separation, if not the winner.

Group 3: Suckered in again on course form-meets current form; DeChambeau will get plenty of looks and Hadwin makes a tasty long shot.

Group 4: Hurley III or Stefani were tough to leave off but are more than qualified to claim flier status.

Any questions on any games you can hit me up on Twitter (@MikeGlasscott) or email me (

Good luck chops!

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