Fantasy Golf: Colonial Recap


The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated remarked Mark Twain once.

As he was alive.

Jordan Spieth returned from #SB2K16 after goofing around with his buddies in a well-earned vacation to MC at THE PLAYERS.

And we were told his life, career, golf game and everything else was over.

Yep, one bad two-day stretch of golf, not to mention on a course he’s not had tons of success, now qualifies for an obituary in today’s HOT TAKE world.


How much was I bothered by all of this?


I FADED HIM his next start on ANOTHER course where, in his own words, doesn’t fit his eye or game and he almost won.


Instead, the narrative was he’s lost it.

At 22.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Good grief.

He was the No. 1 player in the field at Colonial and played like it as he removed all doubt coming home in 30 with birdies, spectacular in nature, on the final three holes.

He’s 22. He should be allowed to figure out what resiliency is before he gets old. Glad he got off the canvas this week and WON to keep the lesser informed quiet.

Editor’s Note: Spieth, by all reports, will be participating in the Olympics, not the John Deere Classic, so that opens another opportunity in limited start fantasy games. Thanks to all who pointed this out via Twitter and email. 

Here’s how he did it plus how the other fared:


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