Survey Time: Little 500 Edition

It’s Bloomington.

It’s the home of Indiana University and site of the World’s Greatest College Weekend.


It’s my home and has been since the early 90s.

I walk out of my building at work at NINE THIRTY this morning and the old house across the alley has no less than 30 people hanging out, music going and decent murmur of voices.

Now, I’ve been known to have some fun and bend an elbow so I’m curious as to what my eyes saw and my ears heard at such an hour.

So, were they:

A.) Still raging from last night

B.) Getting an EARLY start on Thursday

C.) It was a class project and I just misunderstood

Circle the answer you think fits

If you’ve been to Bloomington on Little 5 weekend, you know C has no chance.

I ALMOST poked my nose in to see what was happening.

Then I remembered that I’m no longer cool and needed to get home.

I consoled myself with Cheeseburgers.


The end.

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