Honda Classic Yahoo! Picks Featuring Ned Brown


Weather can always be a factor on the coast of Florida so make sure you check with your weather source before sticking in starters.

Here’s a nice shortcut for tee times!

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Fantasy Golf: FIO Yahoo! Picks Featuring Ned Brown


Soggy Southern California will try and dry out as the weekend progresses but the rough is gnarly and the courses will be playing even longer than advertised. Remeber, Yahoo! is a scoring game ONLY!

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Fantasy Golf: Sony Open Yahoo! Picks Featuring Ned Brown


It’s always nice to be in the fairway when birdies are required but most will find the big greens easy to hit regardless.

Another week where 20-something should win and Yahoo! is all about scoring!

The opening week is in the books! Both of us had the winner last week but only one of us was the real winner!

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Fantasy Golf: TTC Yahoo! picks featuring Ned Brown


What could have been.

The last five weeks have completely ruined my season but I have not yet begun to fight!

With only 15 tee times this week and perfect weather on the cards, I’d fire the biggest and best

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