Genesis Open Recap


He’s now won 10 seasons in a row.

The only suprise this weekend was the final margin of victory.

Oh, and he’s now No. 1 in the world as well!

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Genesis Open DFS


The Travelers uses an umbrella as a symbol.

Bay Hill uses the Arnold Palmer umbrella as a symbol.

False positives today!

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Genesis Open Yahoo! Picks Featuring Ned Brown


Ned lets me know that is could possibly be the worst winter storm of the year to hit Los Angeles this week!

You might want to take a look for yourself here

Maybe on Sunday!

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Genesis Open PGA Tour Game


Full scoring is back in action this week as the West Coast swing ends this week at the famous Riviera.

The weather in Los Angeles this winter has been interesting to say the least and the Friday forecast is, well, something.

So is a bunker in the middle of a green!


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Genesis Open OAD


My Valentine’s Day gift to you is a loaded field in L.A. on a fantastic track at  Riviera Country Club.

As if OAD isn’t difficult enough, gamers will have a multitude of decisions to make this week that will effect the rest of their season.

Remember, the D in OAD stands for DONE…

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